How much does it cost to use an international travel consultant?

$150 per week design fee plus tax ($157.50)


What is a service?

Any piece of the travel itinerary.

Flights, hotels, and tours are all examples.


Why is there a fee for a single service?

We use a model much like a commercial artist, designed to fit a customer’s vision which takes passion and time. We work 100% on commission and single services such as flights pay very low rates to the agent- often zero- but even low commissions can be adequate compensation if more than one service is booked.


How does the international travel consultant get paid?

Consultants are paid commission directly from the suppliers and there is no additional cost to the client and we do all the work for you.

Air Canada, Westjet, Sunwing and Transat are all suppliers.


What’s the benefit of booking with an international travel consultant?

We are the experts and can search far more widely than you can using industry search engines and experience. We specialize in custom booked travel designed with your dreams, likes and dislikes in mind, often some you might not have considered yourself. I and my team are the ideal choice to design complex, life changing travel experiences.


What happens if the price drops?

Any price drop protection offered by the supplier automatically is offered by us. We all have access to the same promotions.


Do you book groups?


Yes! We can help organize your team’s trip to anywhere in the world.


Are you certified?

Yes- We are a City of Edmonton Approved Vendor and IATA Accredited Agency


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